• Prevents dermatitis

  • Cures fowl pox lessions

  • Improves immunity

Gangrenous Dermatitis caused by immuno suppression is a major problem in growing birds

  • Gangrenous dermatitis in growing birds is commonly observed due to immuno suppression which results from IBD (Infectious Bussal Disease) or CAV (Chicken Anconia Virus). It is mainly caused by a species of Clostridia organism in combination with Staphylococcus and E.Coli. The common symptoms in growers are necrosis of different skin areas and cellutitis. The common clinical sign is sudden increase in mortality in young growers from week 4 to week 20 of age and the mortality ranges from 1% to 60% if the flocks were not treated properly

How does Dermagon work

  • DERMAGON contains properties of Azadirachta indica, which play an important role in supressing bacterial growth which in turn help in preventing diseases.

  • DERMAGON inhibits the formation of rashes on the skin with the properties of Thuja occidentalis thereby saving the bird from skin irritation and stress.

  • DERMAGON helps in curing external injuries or skin infections on the affected bird.

  • 1 Restricts growth of bacteria

  • 2 Healing action reduces irritation & inflammation

  • 3 Reduces wound or rashes on skin


  • Use Dermagon one week before and one week after fowl pox vaccination or as preventive treatment, for 15 days depending on the history of the farm.


  • In feed - 200g / MT for 15 days

  • In water - 20g / 100 birds for 7 days before and after fowl pox vaccination

  • 15 days preventive treatment as per farm history