Natural Vitamin E Biotin Selenium

Natural Vitamin E Biotin Selenium

  • Complete replacement to synthetic Vitamin E, Biotin and Selenium

  • Enhances antibody response

  • Prevents dermatitis

  • Improves fertility

  • Reduces embryonic mortality

  • Effective antioxidant

Vitamin E, Biotin and Selenium are important to perform biochemical functions in poultry.

  • EBSEL is a combination of natural Vitamin E and Biotin derived from several phytogenic derivatives and further augmented with bio available Selenium to this concentrated formulation. EBSEL is most suitable to meet the requirement, in order to perform various biochemical functions in the body of the birds. Some of these include coenzyme factor in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, preventing peroxidation, sparing effect on Vitamin E and Selenium. Field trials have indicated the EBSEL can replace the synthetic combination of Vitamin E, Biotin and Selenium.

How does EBSEL work

  • EBSEL has a key role in metabolic functions, acting as cofactors, such as antioxidant and integral part of certain enzymes. Based on the principle of Life Energy, EBSEL ensures that critical factors such as Vitamin E, Biotin and Selenium from bio-sources are instantly made available to the cells in need. Helps in maintaining normal blood glucose levels and improves immune modulation.

  • 1 Protects the lipid based cellular membrance from pathogenic invasion (Extracts of Asparagamine and Leuteolin)

  • 2 Antioxidant effect scavenges tha damaging free radicals (Extracts of Selenium metallicum)

  • 3 Prevents muscular dystrophy and improves overall immunity (Extracts of Arctin, Tropane, Crataegin)


  • EBSEL should be used as regular supplementation in the feed for building up, resistance, and immunity.

  • It should be supplemented through water during stress movement of birds, before and after vaccination and during temperature change and diseases.


  • In feed - 200g / MT regularly

  • In water - For Broilers - 10g / 100 birds

  • For Breeders - 20g / 100 birds