Improves fertility in Breeder males

Improves fertility in Breeder males

  • Improves quality and quantity of semen

  • Improves vitality of healthy sperms

  • Improves sperm motility

  • Improves vigor in males

Maximum fertile eggs from breeder stocks mean optimum profits.

  • The better fertility in poultry needs good quality of semen. The semen quality can go down due to underfeeding, heat stress, lack of mobility and age. Factors affecting the production of testosterone can impact the quantity and viability of sperms negatively, also leading to infertility. The limited feeding regimen in males during the production period may also generate stress in sexual cycle.

  • FERTIRICH is a phytogenic poultry feed supplement that vitalizes the sexual organs in male and improves the performance of their sexual activity-sexual vigor.

How does Fertirich work

  • FERTIRICH has been formulated by extracting and potentizing the select organic botanicals known to trigger male reproductive functions

  • Several factors affecting the production of hormone testosterone can cause reduction in quantity and viability of sperms. This in turn, can result to infertility.

  • FERTIRICH improves the Life Energy flow in the male reproductive organs thus improving male breeding potential to optimum.

  • 1 Help stimulate the testes to secrete testosterone
    (Extracts of Agnus castus)

  • 2 Help produce more quantity of semen and improve viability of sperms
    (Extracts of Thuja occidentalis and Aurum muraticum)

  • 3 Improves the male vigor
    (Extracts of Damiana)

Proof of performance


  • FERTIRICH should be used regularly mixed with feed to improve fertility in male breeders in poultry to gain overall more number of fertile eggs.


  • 1Kg / MT of male breeder feed