• Instantly eases the Gout in Poultry

  • Gives relief in Ascitis

  • Repairs and improves kidney functioning

  • Dissolves uric acid deposits in kidney and other visceral organs

  • Removes Nephrotoxicity

Gout and Ascitis are common and severe life threats for Poultry.

  • In gout condition in poultry,, urates and uric acid crystals are deposited in kidney tubules and ureters. These may also advance to the heart, liver and intestine. The key causes of gout include nephrotoxicity, improper nutrition and management. Ascitis in poultry, is seen as a fall-out of certain diseases and toxicity. RENOFLUSH acts at nephron level to increase the urine flow which ultimately gives relief from ascitis.

How does Reno Flush work

  • • In gout condition in poultry, urates block the kidney filters and reduce the capacity of kidneys.

  • • RENOFLUSH is formulated with energized phytogenic extracts that reflow the life energy in the Nephrons.

  • • Nephrons are triggered to restore their core function leading to uric acid crystal dissolution, removal of urates and flushing out of toxins which leads to restored kidney function and eased Gout condition.

  • 1 Liquidation of uric acid crystals and urates
    (Extracts of Equisetum hyemale & Tribulus terrestris)

  • 2 Accelerates purifying activity of individual nephrons
    (Extracts of Hydrangea macrophylla)

  • 3 Improves kidney filtration activity
    (Extracts of Apocynum cannabium)

Proof of performance

Sample size

  • Conducted on 20000 broilers • December 2015 • MH, India


  • Gout lesions seen day 3 onwards in spite of good management practices.

  • Cause identified as infected parent stock with IB variant strain.


  • RENOFLUSH for the first 10 days

Observations & Conclusions

  • Reduced mortality

  • Improved weight gain

  • Uniformity in flock at the time of liquidation (day 42)


  • • Should be given in drinking water to balance body fluid for prevention and during gout or ascitis in poultry

  • • For gout first 10 days preventive treatment is utmost effective. During outbreak frequent small dosing immediately reduces mortality

  • • In case of ascitis in poultry, flushing of kidneys helps in excreting ascitic fluid from the body


  • For gout prevention -
    In water - 10ml / 100 birds daily from day 1 to 10

  • During gout outbreak or ascitic condition
    In water - 10ml / 100 birds x 2 times a day for 10 days