• Establishes the gut flora in day old chicks

  • Strengthens healthy gut microflora

  • Eliminates enteropathogens

  • Enhances gut immunity

  • Improves nutrient digestion

Probiotics are recommended at early age.

  • There is an unsteady balance of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria in the gut of normal, healthy, non-stressed bird. When a balance exists, the bird performs to its maximum efficiency, but if stress is imposed, the beneficial flora, especially lactobacilli, has a tendency to decrease in numbers and an overgrowth of the non-beneficial ones seems to occur. This predisposes digestive disturbance affecting performances, like egg production, FCR, Body weight and liveability.

  • Probiotics can be effectively used in poultry for modulation of enteric microbiota and pathogen inhibition by competitive exclusion thus improving production performance.

How does GUTFLORA work

GUT.FLORA protects gut from pathogenic bacteria and builds up gut immunity. Some of the probiotic strains are isolated from indigenous chicken ensuring easy adaptability.

  • Competitive Exclusion
    Probiotic bacteria excludes or reduces the count of pathogens by competing for colonization of favourable sites of adhesion

  • Antimicrobial activity
    Probiotics suppress entero pathogen growth through the release of a variety of antimicrobial factors and short-chain fatty acids, which reduces pH of the lumen rendering harmful bacteria ineffective

  • Immunomodulation
    Enhances gut immunity by increasing the phagocytic capacity of macrophages, enhancing natural killer cell activity and stimulating enteric antibody production

  • 1 Competitive Exclusion

  • 2 Antimicrobial activity

  • 3 Immunomodulation

Proof of performance

Scientific Field Trials conducted at Noble VetScience R&D farm, Pune

GUT.FLORA trial conducted in broilers - Avg B wt, FCR and mortality at 40 d of age

Conclusion - Supplementation of GUT.FLORA in feed improved Average body weight, FCR and reduced mortality.

GUT.FLORA trial conducted in Layers - HH eggs at 72 wks of age

Conclusion - Supplementation of GUT.FLORA improved HH egg production.


  • GUT.FLORA should be used routinely in feed or water to promote enteric microbiota and gut immunity. Strongly recommended in early age to establish a beneficial gut microbiota and set birds on the right path for development.


  • Poultry

  • In feed - 100g / MT

  • In water -
    Chicks / Grower - 1g / 2L of water
    Broilers / Layers / Breeders - 1g / 4 L of water

  • Aqua

  • Shrimp - 10g per Kg feed once a day

  • Scampi - 5g per Kg feed once a day

  • Fish - 10g per Kg feed once a day