Natural Immune Modulator for Poultry

Natural Immune Modulator for Poultry

  • Extremely effective during any kind of stress

  • Improves immunity there by reducing mortality and improving performance

  • Regular use prevents recurrence of infection

Infections present the biggest life threat in poultry, thus immunity build-up is critical.

  • ADCOMP+ has been formulated to energize the birds' body, to combat the ill effects of the bacterial and viral infections. The Life Energy flow helps regulate the natural defence mechanism in birds, thus enabling them to prevent the invasion of pathogenic organisms in the body. ADCOMP+ helps to activate the flow of Life Energy through the body of the birds, which helps to strengthen the immune system, improving the production of T cells, B cells, Macrophages, Phagocytes, Immunoglobulin, etc with regular use.

How does ADCOMP+ work

  • ADCOMP+ contains effective phytogenic extracts that balance the disturbed Life Energy flow in the cells of Thymus gland, Bone marrow, Lymphocytes thus improving overall pathogenic resistance and immunity

  • Reduce the incidence of bacterial and viral diseases and helps faster recovery and reduced inflammation in case of outbreaks

  • Trigger the repair of damaged epithelial tissue and help heal the affected organs.

  • 1 Extracts of aconine, aucubin improve immunity of the body by immune-modulation

  • 2 Extracts of zingiberine and ergotic acid reduces muscle pain & swellin of internal organs

  • 3 Extracts of gallic acid & curcumin help in healing the tissues and organs damaged due to infection

Proof of performance


  • As a natural immunomodulator, Adcomp+ should be used routinely, in drinking water. Useful in any kind of stress scenario including brooding, grading, vaccination, change in feed or climate, handling, antibiotic treatment, etc


  • In feed - 200g / MT regularly

  • In water - For Broilers - 7g / 100 birds from 6th - 10th day and repeat again on 20th - 24th day of age.

  • For Layers & Breeders - 7g / 100 birds for 5 days / month