• Purifies blood by removing toxins

  • Regenerates liver tissue

  • Restores the normal functioning of liver quickly

  • Relieves from diseases related to liver dysfunction

Liver is the critical detoxifying organ that protects the body from toxin overload.

  • The body of the bird has to constantly deal with toxins. Right from mycotoxins such as aflatoxins, ochratoxins, zearalenones, T2 toxins, Fumosin which contaminate the feed, to metabolic products of precursors of drug and chemicals. In addition to this, the bird encounters harmful pollutants from environment and the organic debris of pathogens. Such high interaction with toxins may lead to cumulative toxicosis.

  • Normally, the Liver is supposed to break down and eliminate the toxins that reach it through portal systems. But in case of toxin overload in the body affects the functioning of the liver and requires urgent cleansing & restoration.

How does Hepato Flush work

  • HEPATOFLUSH is a liver tonic that has energized phytogenic extracts that reflow life energy in the Liver.

  • These stimulate the liver cells with co-factors to secrete enzymes for digestion, elimination and deactivation of enteric pathogens and toxins

  • As an antioxidant, it scavenges the free radicals generated during detoxification

  • It unclogs the filters thereby aiding the filtration process

  • It prevents future build-up thus restoring the natural function of the liver.

  • 1 Deactivation of Mycotoxins (extracts of Chelidonium majus)

  • 2 Stimulates hepatic filtration at cellular level (extracts of Ceanothus americanus)

  • 3 Antioxidant activity of hepatic cells during detoxification (extracts of Allium sativum)

Proof of performance

Sample size

  • Conducted on 7000 broilers


  • HEPATOFLUSH given every alternate week for 3 weeks


  • Use HEPATOFLUSH as a liver tonic routinely during chronic and acute toxic symptoms and any stress and during vaccination


  • In feed - 250g / MT

  • In water -
    Chicks - 5ml / 100 birds
    Growers & Broilers - 7ml / 100 birds
    Layers & Breeders - 10ml / 100 birds for 5-7 days
    Increase frequency during disease outbreak