• Kills fungi in the feed

  • Binds mycotoxins effectively

  • Deactivates mycotoxins to non-toxic metabolites

  • Excretion of mycotoxins

  • Improves overall performance, health & immunity

Feed Toxicity adversely impacts health and profitability.

  • MYCOCEASE is a versatile mycotoxin deactivator that guarantees feed safety. It is formulated by using more than one category of components such as oxine-copper, MOS, zeolites (HSCAS), prebiotics, probiotics, organic acids and phytogenic inducers. The combined effects of all these components make it significantly effective against wide range of mycotoxins.

  • MYCOCEASE not only acts as a mycotoxin deactivator but also as a potent fungicidal thus killing fungi present in the finished feed. It also changes the chemical structure of mycotoxins thereby making them ineffective. It accelerates the process of removal of toxins that are bound to MOS through liver and kidney. MYCOCEASE greatly reduces the bioavailability of toxins in the gastrointestinal tract thereby improving overall performance of a bird.

How does MYCOCEASE work

  • Fungicidal action
    Oxine-copper is an organic fungicide that slowly releases copper ion thereby restraining the process of fungal growth. Chelate of oxine-copper and phytogenics synergistically arrest mould formation. Organic acids have strong ability to inhibit fungal growth.

  • Adsorption
    Prebiotic, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) has affinity to bind with mycotoxins. Zeolites (HSCAS) have a specific pore size of 4-6 Å to adsorb and bind toxin molecules. The adsorbed mycotoxins on MOS and HSCAS are then eliminated out of body through faeces.

  • Biological deactivation
    Probiotics produce certain enzyme that degrades the mycotoxins. Probiotic strain furthermore binds with mycotoxins. This probiotics-mycotoxin complex gets eliminated from the gut through faeces.

  • Excretion through liver and kidney
    Phytogenic extracts of plants like Ceanothus americanus, Chelidonium majus, Allium sativum and Silybum marianum vitalizes liver and kidney cells thereby activates the filtration and elimination of toxins through liver & kidney.

Proof of performance

A field trial was conducted on 4000 broilers to evaluate the efficacy of MYCOCEASE in toxicity

The results indicate that addition of MYCOCEASE reduced mortality and improved overall productive performance


  • MYCOCEASE should be used regularly in the feed to prevent toxicity.


  • Regular use – 500 g / MT of feed

  • During feed toxicity - 1 Kg / MT of feed OR
    As directed by the Nutritionist