• Prevents and controls coccidiosis

  • Builds immunity post coccidiosis

  • Controls dysentery

Birds are exposed to enteric problems continuously

  • Coccidiosis, is a protozoal infection in poultry caused by several strains of Eimeria species, and characterized by diarrhea with blood, affecting the intestine of the birds, with loss of production and death. Coccidiosis is a disease of economic importance in poultry. Regular application of certain prophylactic anti coccidial drugs have developed resistance problems, which sometimes leads to subclinical coccidiosis, and or mild coccidiosis in broilers and layers. This gets more often unnoticed in Layers and Breeders till the performance gets severely affected for no apparent cause.

How does ChroniCox work

  • CHRONICOX is a natural coccidiostat which has been formulated by extracting and energizing the select organic phytogenics known to reflow life energy in epithelial tissue.

  • This stops dysentery, reduces intestinal and Ceacal inflammation and controls oedematic conditions of the digestive tract

  • CHRONICOX provides vitamins and co-factors that build up the epithelial tissue and reinstate the intercellular balance of fluid exchange.

  • It restores the Life Energy balance in the Caecal cells thus restoring the health.

  • 1 Anti-protozoal activity (extracts of Azadirachta indica)

  • 2 Controls enteric haemorrhages (extracts of Artemisia annua)

  • 3 Reduces enteric inflammation and oedema (extracts of Carica papaya)


  • CHRONICOX is a natural coccidiostat and should be routinely used in the feed to prevent and control coccidiosis.

  • It can also be used in water to prevent and control coccidial outbreak


  • In feed - 250g / MT regularly

  • In water -
    For Chicks - 5ml / 100 birds
    For Growers & Broilers - 7ml / 100 birds
    For Layers & Breeders - 10ml / 100 birds
    for 7 days
    Increase the frequency during disease outbreak