Biodegrading Toxin Binder

  • Makes mycotoxins chemically non toxic

  • Prevents and treat feed toxicity

  • Improves FCR and livability

  • Improves overall performance, health & immunity

Feed Toxicity adversely impacts health and profitability.

  • Numerous toxins enter in the digestive tract through contaminated feed and feed ingredients. These toxins may be chemical, fungal or plant metabolites commonly termed as mycotoxins. The common mycotoxins found in animal feed are Aflatoxin B1, Trichothecenes, Ochratoxins ,T-2,Vomitoxin ,F-2,Fumonisin, Citrinine ,DON. These mycotoxins adversely affect health and productivity of the flock resulting in huge economical losses. Feed toxicity is one of the biggest concern in Animal feed industry today, which can be resolved with addition of the right toxin binder to the feed.

How does Protox work

  • Organic acids present in Protox make the gut pH acidic which enhances the biodegradation activity

  • Enzymes liberated by probiotics make chemical alteration in toxins, to make it non toxic

  • MOS and HSCAS bind these non toxic chemically altered toxins and expel them out from the body

  • 1 Acid gut pH - Organic acids make the gut pH acidic thus helping biodegradation activity

  • 2 Biological deactivation - Probiotics liberate certain enzymes that degrades the mycotoxins

  • 3 Toxin binding & removal - MOS and HSCAS bind these chemically altered toxins and expel them from the body


  • Effective against Aflatoxin

  • Induce other beneficial effects in the gut

  • Reduces the multiplication of fungi


  • Feed- 1 kg per MT

  • Or as directed by the Nutritionist