• Reduces Respiratory rales

  • Prevents excess mucus secretion

  • Clears lung congestion

  • Enhances oxygen intake

  • Prevents post ND vaccination reaction

  • Accelerates respiratory denfense

Respiratory distress causes severe economic losses in the poultry industry.

  • Respiratory diseases are commonly associated with a number of viruses, bacteria, mycoplasma infections and other factors such as pollutants, dust, moulds, chemicals, gases and allergens.

  • These lead to:

  • • Respiratory distress and inflammation of the respiratory organs

  • • Increased secretion of mucus and congestion of lungs

  • • Interference with the oxygen availability to the respiratory organs, especially lungs, thus directly affecting the liveability of birds

How does RESPONSE PLUS work

  • RESPONSE PLUS works on restoring the obstructed flow of Life Energy in the alveolar cells (lungs) and respiratory tract epithelial cells, by clearing the pathogens and debris at cellular level.
    RESPONSE PLUS gives symptomatic relief from respiratory distress and also builds respiratory defense mechanism.

  • • It breaks mucus (Mucolytic), reduces inflammation and clears lung congestion. It also prevents mucus secretion..

  • • Improves the oxygen carrying capacity of the lungs and blood. It clears lung congestion.

  • • Activates respiratory defense with immunomodulation properties.

  • 1 Clears the respiratory tract
    (Extracts of Atropa belladonna & Drosera rotundifolia)

  • 2 Ups the lung capacity
    (Extracts of Drosera rotundifolia and Passiflora incarnata)

  • 3 Triggers respiratory defense
    (Extracts of Zingiber officinale)

Proof of performance

Evaluation of RESPONSEPLUS to control respiratory distress in broiler (NOBLE VETSCIENCE R&D Farm, Pune)

  • A trial was conducted to study the post ND Lasota vaccination reactions such as tracheitis, haemorrhages and respiratory rales in broiler. The efficacy of RESPONSE PLUS was compared with chemical decongestant.

  • Tracheal Scoring - Group: Control
    Parameter Score
    Inflammation + Haemorrhagic rings 0.50
    Mucous deposits 0.25

  • Tracheal Scoring - Group: Chemical decongestant
    Parameter Score
    Inflammation + Haemorrhagic rings 0.25
    Mucous deposits 0.25

  • Tracheal Scoring - Group: RESPONSEPLUS
    Parameter Score
    Inflammation + Haemorrhagic rings 0.00
    Mucous deposits 0.00


  • RESPONSEPLUS is recommended for

  • Pre and post ND vaccination

  • Prevention of respiratory diseases

  • Regular use improves the productive performance of birds


  • Chicks - 5ml / 100 birds x 7 days

  • Growers & Broilers - 10ml / 100 birds x 7 days

  • Breeders & Layers - 15ml / 100 birds x 7 days