• Controls body temperature

  • Prevents heat stroke

  • Improves productive performance

Heat stress is one of the biggest cause of economic losses in poultry.

Chicken become heat stressed when they have difficulty in achieving the correct balance between body heat production and loss. When the environmental temperature exceeds, chicken is likely to experience heat stress and exhibit symptoms like elevated wings, panting, pale comb and wattles, less body movements, off feed and increased water consumption. THERMORELIF controls body temperature and protects chicken from heat stroke.

How does THERMORELIF work

  • THERMORELIF controls body temperature and reduces inflammation

  • It has antioxidant activity, neutralizes free radicals and prevents heat stress

  • It boosts immune response and improves productive performance.

  • 1 Controls body temperature
    (Extracts of Podophyllum)

  • 2 Neutralizes free radicals
    (Extracts of Ruta graveolens)

  • 3 Boosts immunity
    (Extracts of Echinacea angustifolia)


  • During summer give through feed and water.


  • In feed - 200g / MT of feed

  • In water - 10g / 100 birds daily