• Deactivation of toxins

  • Flushing out toxins from the body

  • Helps in genesis of liver tissues

  • Improves general kidney functions

Toxicity causes immunosuppression and ultimately poor performance.

Toxins are introduced in the body through consumption of defective feed, contaminated water, chemical medication and inhalation of poisonous gases or fumes. This may also include microbial pathogens, fungal metabolites and allergens absorbed through lungs or skin. Poultry is continuously exposed to these toxins making birds more prone to diseases. There could be acute or chronic toxicity due to cumulative accumulation of toxins. In the natural circumstances, the toxins are flushed out of the body mainly by liver, kidneys and blood. It is only when the toxin levels reach beyond the capacity of filtration by the body, toxins start accumulating and toxicity symptoms develop.

How does TOXIFLUSH work

  • TOXIFLUSH excretes toxins through colon and prevents them to enter in blood stream.

  • It detoxifies and cleanses the blood by removing toxins which remain unfiltered by liver and kidneys

  • It stimulates the detoxification process of liver and helps in faster elimination of toxins

  • It stimulates the filtration process of kidneys by improving the function of individual nephron

  • 1 Excretion through colon
    (Extracts of Colocynthis)

  • 2 Detoxification of blood
    (Extracts of Chelidonium majus)

  • 3 Detoxification of liver
    (Extracts of Andrographis paniculata)

  • 3 Flushing through the kidneys
    (Extracts of Beriberi vulgaris & Bryonia alba)


  • Prevention:
    TOXIFLUSH is recommended twice a week

  • Acute toxicity:
    TOXIFLUSH is recommended for 5-7 days till symptoms subside

  • Chronic toxicity:
    Use TOXIFLUSH for 10-15 days in continuation with other medicines


  • In feed - 500g / MT along with Toxin binder

  • In water - For 7 days
    Chicks - 5ml / 100 birds
    Growers / Broilers - 7ml / 100 birds
    Layers / Breeders - 10ml / 100 birds